What is a hat, when there is no W?/ PORTAL 2 FANART

2012-10-01 14:20:04 by TaraGraphika

I've been improving a lot since 2009 and I feel very encourage in making more gaming fan arts because of recent inspiration that comes and go from watching people playing games that I by far seem very enjoyable in making so. It might sound very unsatisfying, but for me in watching people play and comment on many games, it is very favorable to produce an idea of what people would be coming through towards a problem or the thought of solving it. Reviews are very much an advantage in knowing such peculiar aspects of the game that help the newbies, or people who wants to know about a game without any spoilers, that could make them play the game themselves. This is called influence. The presentation of a review in making a consistent yet interesting demonstration is a good reflection for the viewers, to make them excited, entertaining and having the feeling of thrill without harming them with any kind of info that will cause them to be uninterested. Something like a trailer. But that aside, how this subject influence me is by giving me a good idea and comeback to make fan arts of some of the games that I really like. Of course is not just presentation, it might be interesting for others to research about a particular game and learn the stories, characters, plots, etc.. So you see, gaming is now a big bag of curiosity that cause the gamer to experience not only cinematic animation or sound or plot stories, like in movies, but instead it happens that the gamer itself is involve in a controlled environment. I play games for a while, and when it gets me excited, I have inspiration of ideas that are bursting to reply how much I feel for that game.

Hmmm....This subject is just an update of what I've been doing recently. If you get the message, great. If you don't, then please go ahead, and view my portfolio, as I hope it gives you an idea of what I meant. Listening to music is also a major influence for artist to recognized, the potential of imagination through the process of sound to sight. It's not like this is a new subject or anything, it does include in gaming, but what I'm saying is that every lyrics or instrumental genre consumed the imagination or brain waves from out of our ears that makes us think the possibilities of a vague scenery to which we start producing or making an idea. Which takes us a very short time make out the pictures in our head, but not satisfyingly enough for us to comprehend. When that happens, we start to research of what we are trying to figure out and when I say 'out' I meant sort of an output to the ideas that we tried to explain.

It's funny how all this is already known to us. It's just we are unconsciously unaware of it happening. It's not important, and it's not very hard to take in to. But since people react curiously of what we do, we try to explain in a method that they will understand the meaning and term of an objective we're struggling at. I would never try to explain until someone asked, but sometimes, we need to give out what we meant as a safety measure if someone did asked.

About the title; it's just something that I'm thinking about. Check My new art;

Chell Portal 2


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